Since the pandemic it's been a little harder to do the activities you're used to and to be around your family. It’s a chore just go outside you have to worry about germs, where you're putting your hands, making sure you are social distancing among many other things. As soon as things start to get serious and we started getting mask mandates, use hand sanitizer and wash our hands rigorously everyday. My immune system was not so good so I immediately started to develop a daily routine. In this daily routine I would consume the healthiest things I could get within my budget. Here are some of those things that I have to have every single day.

I'm not saying these are things that you need to have in your pantry but one or two of them a day may help with your overall immune system along with a little bit of exercise could help during these difficult times.

Organic Green Tea

I'm addicted to organic green tea in the morning. It's kind of like my must have when I first get up besides water. I used to get my organic green tea from a local Asian market but the brand I'm actually drinking till this day is Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea. It can be found at Walmart and online on it's one of the best tasting organic green teas I've ever had. Here are a couple reasons why it would be a good idea to consume Organic Green Tea everyday:

  1. The ingredients in Organic green tea will increase fat burning

  2. Organic green tea also has ingredients that can reduce bad breath

  3. Organic green tea is also a great source of antioxidants

  4. Organic green tea is extremely inexpensive

  5. Organic green tea may also help boost brain function

These are just a couple of the benefits of drinking organic green tea every single day. It's a perfect addition to help with your health and immune system in these days and times.

Vitamin D3

If you're vitamin D deficient you may want to think about taking a supplement on a daily basis if you don't get around sun very often. Unfortunately I am vitamin D deficient. I found out through a doctor's visit and I hope when I go back I won't be deficient anymore hopefully. This supplement is also very inexpensive.

Organic Sea Moss Capsules

I tried to use the dried sea moss, soak it, put it in the blender and make drinks with it but dried sea moss just had a very “ocean'' type of smell and taste to it. It made my sink, my refrigerator, and different jars smell like the ocean (I nicknamed it Sebastian) . It wasn't a really bad smell but it was very potent. I liked the way I felt when I did drink it so I decided to look for organic sea moss capsules and started to take those daily instead. Irish sea moss capsules have a lot of nutrients in them. Try to get them one hundred percent organic and wildcrafted if you can. Check Amazon and Ebay.

Probiotic supplement

I came down with the stomach flu about 2 years ago. I went to a local clinic and I'm so glad I got a really good doctor who observed I was having repeated stomach problems and recommended that I take the Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic Formula capsules. His recommendation was a good one because I haven't had any stomach problems since I've been taking these probiotic capsules. These probiotics are very popular and sell out quickly. I was not aware how important your gut health was and how you need to protect your stomach to keep from getting sick from different foods.

Multi-Vitamin Gummies

These are my very favorite gummy vitamins. These gummy vitamins taste like candy. The gummies have a really fruity natural taste to them. These gummies are the Vita Fusion MultiVites. I take two of these Vita Fusion gummies per day. There's no gluten, no high fructose corn syrup, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners or flavors. I depend on these gummy vitamins daily for immune system support the same way as the probiotics, sea moss capsules, and vitamin d3.

I have incorporated organic green tea and multiple capsules into my daily routine in the morning and have felt very healthy throughout this whole time. For the organic green tea I make two bags with hot filtered water and agave sweetener in a big cup (it's good hot and cold), I take one of each for the sea moss, vitamin D3 and probiotics. For the Vita Fusion gummies I take two of those a day.

I am not a doctor so I cannot recommend any of these products all but I can say in my experience taking them on a daily basis I can say they have helped me feel great through all of 2020, 2021 and now 2022. Do not forget to add in some exercise to lower your stress and don’t forget to laugh (it's the best medicine ever). I'm glad to share this information and I hope it helps somebody out there. In the meantime eat healthy, keep your head up and stay positive.

 What is it like working for Shipt?  To be honest being a Shipt shopper a very good hustle especially for an introvert.  I'm not even big on driving but even I was able to do it.  Let's be honest I only did it for one day but in that one day of work I got to see how much potential this one side job could potentially bring in. 

I was nervous to deliver groceries and it took about two months for me to actually use the app but when I did it was very easy I put myself on the schedule for around 11 a.m. (That was late and it was a Sunday so all the drivers are out) I was done with the first order by 12 p.m. I really could have stayed out longer but I was just testing the app to see if Shipt was one of those things I would do again.

I made sure I turned on my camera and vlogged my entire 1 hour shift basically just to show how easy it was.  I brought snacks from the dollar store and water so I didn't spend up the little bit of money I did make.  I actually had fun!

But let's also get to the parts that weren't so much fun.  It was really easy to see what was on the customer's list in the app but when I couldn't find an item it was kind of frustrating. When you can't find something you have to just tell them it wasn't found, see if they would like something else and keep going. 

This particular customer did not want to be called or messaged so you basically just skip over the item and mark "not found".  The checkout was also pretty easy but it's all so intricate because you have to make sure that your groceries are separated correctly (not piled on top of each other ) also at the register you need to scan a non tax exempt barcode on your phone and then you have to pray you're Shipt credit card works.  My order actually went through very well.

Now we're off to the customer's house I was at a Target in the Northlake area her house was in the Norcross, Georgia area wasn't too far I was familiar with the area which made it more comfortable.  I did get lost and the Shipt GPS directed me to a apartment complex instead of a house.  I don't recommend using their GPS I recommend using your own GPS like Waze.  The house was actually down the street I put on my mask drop the groceries on the doorstep took a picture (that I forgot to send in) and left.

So at first I was open to another order and I went to my favorite Wal mart parking lot. But by now it's approaching about 12:00 noon and there wasn't any other orders coming in so of course being lazy I picked up a couple things for my mother and proceeded to go home. For that little venture I was paid about $10.98  which I guess wasn't bad but then I saw why people keep driving for Shipt.  I was cooking myself some dinner in a couple hours later  I get a tip for $5.00 now that made my trip worth it so I see why people will continue to come out and drive for Shipt ,Uber, Instacart it's really a tip game because now that $10.98 turn into $15.98  I can now see how staying out delivering groceries for a half a day or a whole day can end up being a nice piece of change. 

I took a little break from the Shipt App. I expect to go back out soon but with gas soaring in price it's not an ideal thing for me to do right now especially when there's other ways to make side hustle money.  Overall I give it about four and a half stars. Shipt was something fun to do and you make money while doing it so why not.  Here's a video I've vlogged the day I did shipped for the first day:

Hope you enjoyed this blog and the video make sure to come back now ya hear!

 I'm a total newbie beginner when it comes to the crypto space and crypto investing. I stumbled on it about October 2021 and it was an accident. I had about $17.00 in my Robinhood account and it wasn't much to buy stocks with so I played around and put some money on Dogecoin it was about .23 at the time and it went up to about .26 or .27 in a couple hours and my little bit of investment went up. After I saw the money go up I had to learn about this crypto thing I had been scared about investing in.

                                                    ROBINHOOD :Where it all started

I have had my Robinhood account for about a year so I was used to looking at stocks and was researching a lot about dividend investing. But when I clicked the crypto button and started to look at the charts I wanted to know more about crypto investing. I wasn't serious about the Dogecoin investment it was just a test to see how it worked. I was now interested in many coins that weren't on Robinhood like Shiba Inu. I went into the rabbit hole about Shiba Inu Coin something about this meme coin token was different. There were many projects coming up like games and their blockchain called the Shibarium it had utility to back it. This Shiba Inu Coin in my eyes wasn't a joke or meme to me. This Shiba Inu coin was the beginning of something that was going to be huge and I wanted in on it. But, how do I get the Shiba Inu Coin? Here is where I go to my next exchange in pursuit of the Shiba Inu Coin.

COINBASE: One of the popular homes of Shiba Inu Coin

I was so excited to start this account. This is were I was going to hold the bulk of my Shiba Inu Coin. I couldn't wait to sign up and get my first few Shiba Inu Tokens. I bought in when it was very popular at the .000072 range I was one of the new people to crypto and had no idea how it goes up and down 24/7 I got scared and said "If I don't get it now the price is going to shoot up and I will miss my chance" Look I told you guys I'm new to this. Now I know better. Here is what I did: I bought in at the lowest prices I could like .000034 this way it brings my average cost down. So if you bought high no worries overtime buying low will average your investment out. I also put a couple dollars on coin, Algorand (which stakes at 4% on Coinbase) I get over excited and now want to get another exchange account.

                                WEBULL: I have no idea why I have this exchange account

I'm still puzzled why I have a WeBull account? I think I wanted to trade stocks at one time. I'm glad I have it because I can actually invest and trade stocks and crypto on Webull. It has a great interface and I like this exchange I just need a plan for it. Now that I'm a couple months in I'm now thinking about other smaller coins I can invest in and let grow. So after thousands of YouTube videos I keep hearing people mention Dogelon Mars(ELON) and I see this cute dog who I guess is supposed to be Elon Musk. I'm sorry I liked the concept and wanted in on that also because it looks like a promising project and its very low right now.

KUCOIN: The popular home of Dogelon (ELON)
I tried the Trust wallets and buying over the blockchain and let me tell you IT'S EXPENSIVE! There is all these gas fees and mining fees. I wanted to spend like $10.00 and it cost $80 to complete the transaction. That was a complete NO! I saw that Dogelon Mars was on Kucoin and it was pretty easy to set up so I got my Dogelon Mars(ELON) coins from Kucoin. To me this is a good trading and buying platform for a more experienced crypto investor. I wouldn't start with Kucoin to get into crypto it would have been too confusing to me as a beginner who never bought or traded crypto.

I'm very excited to 2022! I want to let my investments grown and add to them at this time Shiba Inu price is at 0.00003402 (SHIB) and Dogelon Mars price is at 0.00000165 (ELON)
In my opinion I would start with Coinbase or WeBull they were more beginner friendly in my opinion. You will have to provide your government identification, take a photo, and verify email plus your phone number. This verification is with basically a process you have to do with all the exchanges.

It's 2022 and I your thinking about investing in crypto here are some referal links that can get you free stocks and crypto to start:


HAPPY INVESTING! I hope many millionaires are created in 2022 with me (MELLE INDIE) being one of them! Today is January 1, 2022 and I will make sure to come back with another update in a couple months. Leave a comment and let me know where you are in you crypto journey.✨