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 I've been on this app for about (6) months and it's really been helping with transitioning into audio from video (YouTube). The app is called Spoon I seen a couple people using it and it looked easy and I wanted to give it a try. At the time everybody was in quarantine....perfect timing.

With the push of a button I was podcasting! Not professionally but for recreation. I was talking about topics I wanted to get off my chest like "Why don't guys pay for dates anymore" "What's going on with social media" Just random thoughts I could now get out of my head and make a conversation with myself entertainment for someone to listen to.
The app is totally free! It's called Spoon so people can actually give you spoons that can become actual money. I'm not a participant for the spoons but it's a cool feature. You can also do something called "Talk" I haven't tried that feature yet. There is also a livestream feature which I have tried once and it was difficult because I'm used to video streaming on YouTube or Tik Tok where people can see me. Audio only is definitely it's own ball game but this Spoon app is a great place to start.
I don't have very many fans or listens at the moment but it's just fun knowing I can use my voice only to create another type of content for people to listen to. This is a beginner friendly app and I have gotten some engagement on here from listeners which is really cool.
In my last spoon cast I did a You Tube video recording in the closet to show how easy it was to put out a Spoon podcast and explaining how it could be a great tool as a stepping stone to get into Podcasting. Spoon app can be used to show off your skills for a podcasting gig. You never know who might ask if they can hear you. This hands down is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. I can have an idea and turn it into audio content within seconds and I've never got frustrated once trying to Spoon.
Start a podcast right from your phone!

Here is a video going through recording a Spoon podcast on my iPhone in the closet!