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I really can't tell you why I stopped going to photography class in 2017. I know there was a lot going on and maybe I was just being lazy and didn't want to finish it out. I was doing great while I was in class. Taking really good photos understanding my settings then about a year or two later I pick up the DSLR camera and all that I'm getting is fuzzy photos and blurry videos on the automatic settings. You lost it kid all that you learned went down the drain.

I thought about returning back to class many times but because of this pandemic the classes I was attending before are either not open or online (virtual). I saw that Atlanta Photography school was still open had room and all you have to do to attend is bring your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, get your temperature taken at the front desk and keep your mask on. I immediately signed up. 

I'm actually super excited just to be attending a class with people again! It's been months since I've been able to have any interaction with anybody besides my immediate family. It was a beautiful day at the train station and even on the bus people are still talkative and the streets were still busy. It felt like the good old times but the only difference was everyone had on masks.
Of course I got to class early. I would rather be an hour early than (5) mins late. The school and classroom was well kept everything sanitized and smelled nice. The chairs were set up plenty feet apart. The chairs used to be two people to a table but now just one with a maximum of (6) students in a classroom and the instructor. 

Because I had attended before I retained the information very well and my assignment for next week will be a breeze. I enjoyed myself so much. My instructor said I'm not the only one that returns many people are doing the same right now. She gave me a gem and said that I could take the Photo 2 class and then product photography if that is what I'm interested in. I know a number of actors, models, actresses, artist so it may be helpful to take a class on portraits to do headshots also!

I can't wait to get back next Wednesday. This is not like a college course. These are trade classes you take at your own pace. Those are the ones I prefer to attend... not a bunch of meaningless classes you will never use. I even enjoyed going home on the train and a bus that had no air conditioning...ahhh this is the life lol.