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 What is it like working for Shipt?  To be honest being a Shipt shopper a very good hustle especially for an introvert.  I'm not even big on driving but even I was able to do it.  Let's be honest I only did it for one day but in that one day of work I got to see how much potential this one side job could potentially bring in. 

I was nervous to deliver groceries and it took about two months for me to actually use the app but when I did it was very easy I put myself on the schedule for around 11 a.m. (That was late and it was a Sunday so all the drivers are out) I was done with the first order by 12 p.m. I really could have stayed out longer but I was just testing the app to see if Shipt was one of those things I would do again.

I made sure I turned on my camera and vlogged my entire 1 hour shift basically just to show how easy it was.  I brought snacks from the dollar store and water so I didn't spend up the little bit of money I did make.  I actually had fun!

But let's also get to the parts that weren't so much fun.  It was really easy to see what was on the customer's list in the app but when I couldn't find an item it was kind of frustrating. When you can't find something you have to just tell them it wasn't found, see if they would like something else and keep going. 

This particular customer did not want to be called or messaged so you basically just skip over the item and mark "not found".  The checkout was also pretty easy but it's all so intricate because you have to make sure that your groceries are separated correctly (not piled on top of each other ) also at the register you need to scan a non tax exempt barcode on your phone and then you have to pray you're Shipt credit card works.  My order actually went through very well.

Now we're off to the customer's house I was at a Target in the Northlake area her house was in the Norcross, Georgia area wasn't too far I was familiar with the area which made it more comfortable.  I did get lost and the Shipt GPS directed me to a apartment complex instead of a house.  I don't recommend using their GPS I recommend using your own GPS like Waze.  The house was actually down the street I put on my mask drop the groceries on the doorstep took a picture (that I forgot to send in) and left.

So at first I was open to another order and I went to my favorite Wal mart parking lot. But by now it's approaching about 12:00 noon and there wasn't any other orders coming in so of course being lazy I picked up a couple things for my mother and proceeded to go home. For that little venture I was paid about $10.98  which I guess wasn't bad but then I saw why people keep driving for Shipt.  I was cooking myself some dinner in a couple hours later  I get a tip for $5.00 now that made my trip worth it so I see why people will continue to come out and drive for Shipt ,Uber, Instacart it's really a tip game because now that $10.98 turn into $15.98  I can now see how staying out delivering groceries for a half a day or a whole day can end up being a nice piece of change. 

I took a little break from the Shipt App. I expect to go back out soon but with gas soaring in price it's not an ideal thing for me to do right now especially when there's other ways to make side hustle money.  Overall I give it about four and a half stars. Shipt was something fun to do and you make money while doing it so why not.  Here's a video I've vlogged the day I did shipped for the first day:

Hope you enjoyed this blog and the video make sure to come back now ya hear!

 I'm a total newbie beginner when it comes to the crypto space and crypto investing. I stumbled on it about October 2021 and it was an accident. I had about $17.00 in my Robinhood account and it wasn't much to buy stocks with so I played around and put some money on Dogecoin it was about .23 at the time and it went up to about .26 or .27 in a couple hours and my little bit of investment went up. After I saw the money go up I had to learn about this crypto thing I had been scared about investing in.

                                                    ROBINHOOD :Where it all started

I have had my Robinhood account for about a year so I was used to looking at stocks and was researching a lot about dividend investing. But when I clicked the crypto button and started to look at the charts I wanted to know more about crypto investing. I wasn't serious about the Dogecoin investment it was just a test to see how it worked. I was now interested in many coins that weren't on Robinhood like Shiba Inu. I went into the rabbit hole about Shiba Inu Coin something about this meme coin token was different. There were many projects coming up like games and their blockchain called the Shibarium it had utility to back it. This Shiba Inu Coin in my eyes wasn't a joke or meme to me. This Shiba Inu coin was the beginning of something that was going to be huge and I wanted in on it. But, how do I get the Shiba Inu Coin? Here is where I go to my next exchange in pursuit of the Shiba Inu Coin.

COINBASE: One of the popular homes of Shiba Inu Coin

I was so excited to start this account. This is were I was going to hold the bulk of my Shiba Inu Coin. I couldn't wait to sign up and get my first few Shiba Inu Tokens. I bought in when it was very popular at the .000072 range I was one of the new people to crypto and had no idea how it goes up and down 24/7 I got scared and said "If I don't get it now the price is going to shoot up and I will miss my chance" Look I told you guys I'm new to this. Now I know better. Here is what I did: I bought in at the lowest prices I could like .000034 this way it brings my average cost down. So if you bought high no worries overtime buying low will average your investment out. I also put a couple dollars on coin, Algorand (which stakes at 4% on Coinbase) I get over excited and now want to get another exchange account.

                                WEBULL: I have no idea why I have this exchange account

I'm still puzzled why I have a WeBull account? I think I wanted to trade stocks at one time. I'm glad I have it because I can actually invest and trade stocks and crypto on Webull. It has a great interface and I like this exchange I just need a plan for it. Now that I'm a couple months in I'm now thinking about other smaller coins I can invest in and let grow. So after thousands of YouTube videos I keep hearing people mention Dogelon Mars(ELON) and I see this cute dog who I guess is supposed to be Elon Musk. I'm sorry I liked the concept and wanted in on that also because it looks like a promising project and its very low right now.

KUCOIN: The popular home of Dogelon (ELON)
I tried the Trust wallets and buying over the blockchain and let me tell you IT'S EXPENSIVE! There is all these gas fees and mining fees. I wanted to spend like $10.00 and it cost $80 to complete the transaction. That was a complete NO! I saw that Dogelon Mars was on Kucoin and it was pretty easy to set up so I got my Dogelon Mars(ELON) coins from Kucoin. To me this is a good trading and buying platform for a more experienced crypto investor. I wouldn't start with Kucoin to get into crypto it would have been too confusing to me as a beginner who never bought or traded crypto.

I'm very excited to 2022! I want to let my investments grown and add to them at this time Shiba Inu price is at 0.00003402 (SHIB) and Dogelon Mars price is at 0.00000165 (ELON)
In my opinion I would start with Coinbase or WeBull they were more beginner friendly in my opinion. You will have to provide your government identification, take a photo, and verify email plus your phone number. This verification is with basically a process you have to do with all the exchanges.

It's 2022 and I your thinking about investing in crypto here are some referal links that can get you free stocks and crypto to start:


HAPPY INVESTING! I hope many millionaires are created in 2022 with me (MELLE INDIE) being one of them! Today is January 1, 2022 and I will make sure to come back with another update in a couple months. Leave a comment and let me know where you are in you crypto journey.✨

 It was sad to see my favorite thrift store not having half off day anymore. I used to be so excited to get to the the Monday 1/2 off sale to find some cool clothes for pennies. But now you have to look way harder to get those types of deals. They still ran two color tickets that are half off so that was still a good thing.

These were some of my favorite finds from this thrift haul and about how much I spent on each piece. If you want to see the entire thrift store haul I will link the YouTube video down below. 

I never wore colored jeans before and I liked the cute H&M "escape" pink shirt. The thrift store is a great place to try clothes you regularly wouldn't buy.

H&M Tee: $1.00
Colored Jeans: $3.99

These are some of the work clothes I needed for these upcoming jobs I'm going on and it took me FOREVER to find a plain black polo ladies shirt but about 40 mins into my shop I got it! I also paid full price just to be able to have some type of work gear.

Rider Black Polo Shirt: $2.99
Calvin Klein Khaki Pants $6.99

I know the tank top is some type of dri fit athletic shirt but the brand had came off but I still bought it because the price and condition was great! I really needed some jeans too. I have no idea how I don't have any jeans in my closet but I don't so this pair of jeans was much needed! Plus I love a light washed looking pair of skinny jeans it went perfect with this athletic tank top.

Dri Fit Tank Top: $1.00
Washed Skinny Jeans: $3.99

This was a cute combination together. The pink tank top I bought to build outfits and put under jackets or button up shirt. I need to start putting different pieces in my wardrobe and I hardly buy or wear skirts so this cute striped one was half off so I grabbed it right before I got in line to leave the thrift store.

Pink Tube Top : .50
Striped Skirt : $1.50

These were all my favorite picks from this last thrift store haul. The entire thrift store haul was $35.50 and I will leave the YouTube video below. Thank you for stopping by! If your into thrifting and thrift shopping leave a comment let me know what's your favorite thing to buy at the thrift store?

Have a great one!

 Which is better Ebay, Depop or Mercari? I sell on all of them so I guess I will go in order based on how long I've been a seller on the platform and tell you my personal experience with it.


I've been on eBay since the early 2000's so I'm a little bias because eBay has gotten me through many of those tough times were I couldn't find work or just needed a side hustle in between work. Lately, I've been selling mainly press on nail sets and accessories on eBay. I mainly upload my listings through my camera and computer it's easier in my opinion. I rarely list from my phone for eBay but you can. Clothes do sell on eBay but for me it takes longer to get sales with clothing. It's a pretty steady platform lots of buyers. I get offers on a weekly basis. The good thing is you can set what is the lowest price you will consider an offer. It helps no having to deal with low ball offers you would not accept. eBay has moved in another direction and has put a lot of sellers under managed payments. Nothing has really changed my payments just go straight to my bank account instead of PayPal

Depop is a newer platform I joined about (2) years ago. It's very easy to use. On Depop I list everything from my iPhone. Depop looks more like a social app and operates like one also. People on the app can heart your items and follow you. I don't get the point with that but it hasn't bothered me. Yes, you will get sellers messaging you to swap and look at there stores. I'm on there for sales only therefore I ignore and delete any of those types of messages. I respond to all inquires about my own items. I sell clothing, press on nails, accessories just about whatever you can think of on Depop. The buyers are very fashion focused so clothing and accessories do very well on Depop. Payments are through PayPal. I don't make a whole lot of sales on Depop but I think it's worth listing to.

Mercari is the latest selling app I have joined. I set up Mercari sometime in 2020 and it has been awesome! I have sold everything from T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Wigs, Press On Nails the buyers are definitely on Mercari. Once you get some good feedback on your profile you will be fine. I get offers on many items. If you don't like the offer you can always counter it. Almost all of my counter offers are accepted. I also list everything on Mercari with my iPhone. Sales are right up there with eBay so I want to really focus on this app in 2021.

So which is better? Which one should you sale on? I say ALL OF THEM! It doesn't cost to list on any of these selling platforms. You only pay fees when you make a sale! All of them have a different reach and you have more opportunity to make sales having merchandise on all of them rather than just one.

I can't say if one is better than the other. Mercari, eBay and Depop all have there own style the fees are about the same when I sell my items. In my opinion all (3) are great to make money with. If your looking to make some extra cash or start a business look into getting on these platforms in 2021. Happy selling!