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Today started out like any normal day. I blogged, filmed some videos and got most of my online work done. I go to edit the video in the afternoon on my iPad and that was a no go it said "Not enough space" so I say no problem I'll edit on my iPhone and I got the same message "Not enough space" I deleted alot of apps and pictures and no matter what I did it still read "Not enough space" This was only 7GB for the two video clips. Any other time my storage balances back to about 13 or 14 GB this time it jumped to 22 GB it cuts me off around 23-24 GB so there was no way I was uploading this You Tube video. I wasn't happy about this at all.
So now I'm livid! I haven't uploaded a video in almost a month and uploading to You Tube is one of my top creative outlets. It has been one of my most enjoyable creative outlets (besides blogging :) So now I'm on the hunt to see what programs I can use. My computer is not the top of the line I only have like 8 ram or something like that lol. I was looking for online editors you don't have to put on your computer and I found which I may try next but in the middle of this search I found gold! A guy explains there is a free video editor inside of Windows 10. I just got my laptop a month or so ago and I have Windows 10. I looked in the search bar and there it was. I went from being tired to extremely excited. I got up made a quick two clip video and put it in my computer.
Windows 10 video editor is very simple and beginner friendly. I was able to put a video together with a beginning, middle and end  with backround music in about 30 minutes. The splits are not as sharp as iMovie but they can work. Overall I'm giving the program 5 stars because it did what I needed done without the computer glitching or dying on me (which both have happened before with other editing programs) The export was quick. I exported my file to the desktop of my computer in under 5 minutes (this was a 6 minute video) 
I'm very happy I learned to do this within 1 hour. I wasn't going to let it rest until I was able to upload a YouTube video. I'm glad I was pushed in the corner to learn to video edit with something else other than iMovie. I will be looking for video editing alternatives even if they are paid as long as it's low cost it might be worth it. Check out the actual video below that I edited on Windows 10 for free!

Thank you for stopping by! Hoped you learned something new because there is always more than one way to skin a cat (My age is truly showing) Have a good one and come back now ya hear!

 You can create easy nail art with a couple tools that will make you look like a professional. For this demonstration I'm going to use some acrylic paint you can find at Michaels, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Jo Anns craft store or even online, A dotting tool (Can be found online or at a beauty store like Sally's), An old toothbrush (Not the same one for your teeth and a long line brush (usually found in a cheap nail art brush set)

First white dot design is super easy. I'm using a practice finger with a nail tip inserted. I painted the nail tip pink and started with one white dot. Next place two white dots above it and repeat that pattern until there is no more room for anymore dots.

Put top coat over it and now you have an easy peasy dot pattern you can do on all types of nails or just one accent nail.

The second nail design is one of the most simple designs I've ever seen. Your going to take an old tooth brush dip the tip of the toothbrush into your desired acrylic paint and keep dabbing on the nail until you get the look you like.

Let it dry and put your desired topcoat over it and be proud of your one of a kind toothbrush design.

I saved the geometric lines for last because this is the most challenging for a beginner with little to no nail art skills. Take your thinnest line brush dip it in the acrylic paint make sure to test your lines on a piece of paper or cardboard to make sure the lines are smooth and thin. Start with two sets of lines on one side of the nail then another two lines on the opposite side of the nail. Lastly start creating lines going thru the other lines. Now you have a geometric line nail.

Apply topcoat over the top and WALA you made a geometric nail design.

All these nail designs and simple and with acrylic paint the designs are unlimited. Make sure to let your acrylic paint dry completely before applying the topcoat. You will know it's dry when it's a flat color and looks like chalk.

Happy Nail Designing!

Thank you for stooping by! If you would like more nail art tutorial blogs let me know in the comments!

 I've been on this app for about (6) months and it's really been helping with transitioning into audio from video (YouTube). The app is called Spoon I seen a couple people using it and it looked easy and I wanted to give it a try. At the time everybody was in quarantine....perfect timing.

With the push of a button I was podcasting! Not professionally but for recreation. I was talking about topics I wanted to get off my chest like "Why don't guys pay for dates anymore" "What's going on with social media" Just random thoughts I could now get out of my head and make a conversation with myself entertainment for someone to listen to.
The app is totally free! It's called Spoon so people can actually give you spoons that can become actual money. I'm not a participant for the spoons but it's a cool feature. You can also do something called "Talk" I haven't tried that feature yet. There is also a livestream feature which I have tried once and it was difficult because I'm used to video streaming on YouTube or Tik Tok where people can see me. Audio only is definitely it's own ball game but this Spoon app is a great place to start.
I don't have very many fans or listens at the moment but it's just fun knowing I can use my voice only to create another type of content for people to listen to. This is a beginner friendly app and I have gotten some engagement on here from listeners which is really cool.
In my last spoon cast I did a You Tube video recording in the closet to show how easy it was to put out a Spoon podcast and explaining how it could be a great tool as a stepping stone to get into Podcasting. Spoon app can be used to show off your skills for a podcasting gig. You never know who might ask if they can hear you. This hands down is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. I can have an idea and turn it into audio content within seconds and I've never got frustrated once trying to Spoon.
Start a podcast right from your phone!

Here is a video going through recording a Spoon podcast on my iPhone in the closet!