There Is No Reason You Shouldn’t Be Creating Content

September 16, 2021

 I’m literally typing this blog on my iPad right now! With all the technology and resources we have available there is no way everyone who wants a YouTube, blog or podcast shouldn’t have one or all. I make a lot of excuses but with the obstacles I got over these past couple days showed me that I’m pretty good at the things I do! I managed to turn mp4 files into a compressed mp3 from iMovie! I got all my audio projects in on time and why? Because I put pressure on myself to make sure I got it done correctly.

When you truly want something your going to make time for it. I really have grown to love blogging and video making. Even editing is quite fun. Audio is a whole other beast but that runs in my blood and with a good class and some practice I’m sure I’ll master it by next year. I’m seeing once the excuses stop and I call myself out the manager part of me comes out and starts to make a plan of action to push myself further. The excuses have to stop and action has to take place. Yes it’s rainy and chilly outside and usually I would turn on Netflix get under the covers and call it a day. But there is a lot that needs done. Written content, video content, press on nails and restock of merchandise all need to be done. So it’s up to me to push myself to make sure it gets done.

This was today’s Thursday motivation. I like to put some real time blogs in between the planned ones just in case somebody was looking for a pick me up! These are also similar to a diary entry and you can go back on specific dates to see where you were at that time. Let’s get off our butts and end this year right! We still have the rest of September, October, November and December to make a impact on our lives. Take it one day at a time and start now! Let’s do this!

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