Blast From The Past October 2019 | When I Was More Productive

July 31, 2021

 I have all of these ideas but I feel like I'm stuck. Not because I don't have the ideas but because I have TOO MANY ideas. I was watching the video below and I really recorded all day. In total I think I did 5 videos in a day that particular day. I wake up with so many ideas I get paralyzed and don't do any of them. So I'm thinking I need to write down a couple and work on them one at a time so I don't feel so overwhelmed. 

I also see I had a high level of excitement that I don't currently have. This was also back in October 2019 before all of the insanity of 2020 and 2021. So it was a more carefree time with none of the stresses we have at the moment. Make sure to come back I have some DIY recipes I'm going to post on the blog. Here is a blast from the past. My YouTube upload from October 2019:

Thank you for stopping through! Don't Stop CREATING!

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