Closet OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) Black Bleach Tee & Holey Jean Shorts (Rugged)

June 4, 2021

 It's hot outside! I've been dressing a little grungy. This is more of a casual I don't give a &%4# look. I really like bleach, holes and rips in my clothes. The more worn it is the more I like it.

I actually bleached this tee myself. It was in the give away bag but I decided to rescue it and the shirt came out very nice. My ripped arizona jean shorts I wear every spring/summer season. I'm happy I can still fit them. I put the outfit with a comfortable burgundy Sketcher sneaker. For some reason I can only wear them without socks (I know that's gross)
I will definitely be wearing outfits like this all summer 2021 long
You got to make sure your edges and hair don't care either. We have to have matching energy.
This has to be one of my favorite looks so far. It has MELLE DON'T GIVE A &*%$ written all over it.

Shirt: On Fire
Shorts: Arizona Jeans Co.
Shoes: Sketchers
Necklace: Random Brand (Beauty Store)



  1. That black bleach tee from On Fire looks amazing!!! The pattern of black versus (brown?) bleached areas makes an attractive pattern that reminds me of tie-dye, but I am baffled trying to figure out how that fabulous 'Look like a girl, Act like a lady' graphic with photo on the front of the tee seems to have been unaffected by the bleach?
    The distressed blue denim shots look great styled with the tee.
    I love your outfit photos.

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  2. Thank you! Yes when you bleach if its a good t-shirt the graphic won't bleach just the t-shirt. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments!